• went to class
  • picked up two job applications
  • completed one and handed it in
  • started the detox process
  • practiced guitar
  • practiced saxophone
  • exercised
  • did all my reading for chemistry on thursday

it has been an exceptionally productive day

some gold on my newsfeed

october is the best month and there is no one who can convince me otherwise 

I was tagged by blossoming-thunder

1. Always post the rules
2. Answer the questions given to you
3. Write eleven new questions and tag eleven people to answer them next and remember to tell them you did
4. Don’t change the rules!

1. Do you Like your name? If not, what would you like to be?

my mother wanted to name me Giavana Pearl and sometimes i feel that it would have been much more fitting. i used to hate my name, but i’ve learned to love the way it sounds in the mouths of my loved ones & adore the nicknames my closest friends give me (including angel and bb a-pug)

2. What song has been stuck in your head lately?

i’m auditioning for a wind ensemble on wednesday and i have the audition piece (sonata in d) running through my head.

3. What is your favorite candy?

i have a huge thing for dark chocolate covered cherries

4. Do you prefer small towns or big cities?

i have only ever lived in small towns (the same one for the first 18 years of my life, and then an even smaller one when i went to college) but i am convinced that i’d be much happier in a big city.

5. Do you ever want to have children?

i’m not sure if i want to birth children or adopt, but i want to raise children, i think. some days i am very sure and can’t wait & others i am convinced that the world is too terrible to bring new life into and that i’d be a terrible mother. 

6. Do you have/want any tattoos? Of what?

i don’t have any tattoos and i’m not entirely sure if i ever will want one, but i really enjoy other people’s tattoos. if i ever did get one, it would be a sun.

7. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

night owl, although i wish i were a morning person.

8. What is your favorite fragrance?

pine & patchouli 

9.What was the last book you read?

cherokee bat and the goat guys by francesca lia block

10. What is your favorite item of clothing that you own?

i have this one flow-y floor length dress and i feel beautiful whenever i wear it. the top half of it is a kind of muted purple and a dark purply-brown tie dye and the bottom is a beautiful blend of bright, vibrant colors: reds and blues and purples and yellows with ribbon designs and detailing.

11. Do you have the heart of a child or soul of a sage?


and now:

hmmm i’m going to tag layyourspellstobed shawnandthecenturion maddyhermione dinosaurbbq and two-headed-grrl

also, blossoming-thunder i’d like to hear your answers, as well!!

here are your questions:

1. do you like who you are / where you are?

2. do you have any long-term or short-term goals?

3. what do you want to be when you grow up? (not limited to just career!!!!)

4. do you want to dye your hair any particular color? 

5. any tattoos / piercings that you have / want?

6. favorite meal?

7. what music have you been listening to lately?

8. if you were to recommend a book to me (or any person, i suppose) what would it be?

9. what are your religious and/or spiritual beliefs / thoughts on the universe?

10. is there anything that you really, really want to learn about or how to do?

11. what is the last thing that you made?

i’m adding an extra one, just because i want to know what you are all up to:

12. what activities have you been involved in lately / what do you fill your days with?

i am really into kale 

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